After you have determined your property’s asking price, it’s time to let the world know that your property is for sale.

  • Stage your property

    Before our experienced consultant visits your property, we suggest that you stage your property. Staging your property means to make your property attractive to buyers. This could be painting the ceiling and walls, taking out overgrown bushes in the garden, getting rid of unnecessary clutter and putting away the children’s toys.

    When your property looks neat and tidy in the photos, buyers will be eager to view the property. This process is all about creating illusions, a place where a buyer feels at home and comfortable. You can create a desired mood by lighting the fireplace, placing a sun bathing chair next to the sparkling blue swimming pool or even setting the dinner table in the dining room as if you are expecting guests.

    In short, staging your property makes your property look bigger, cleaner and warmer, giving the buyer that must-have-this-property feeling.

  • Advertise your property

    As far as advertising is concerned, you’re sorted with our online advertising program giving you maximum exposure to sell your property online. The buyers can have a look at the photos, the floor plan as well as extra information on your property. Your property for sale will be visible to not only buyers in the area, but also to the entire world! We have many overseas buyers making use of our website and buying properties through us.

    Did you know that when your property is listed, an email gets send out to potential buyers who are looking for a property like yours? This has proven to be successful since we have a huge database of clients who are looking to buy property. You can also see how many times your property was viewed on the page of your property.

    All this exposure with so little effort really makes it worthwhile to list your property online.

  • Show your property

    One of the many MyRoof value added services at no cost (remember, we make money selling bonds)is to assist you in arranging a show day for your property. You will need to decide on a date you want to show your property, preferably a Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00 as this is when the general public are used to look for and view show properties.

    This is how simple it is to book a show date with us:

    • Go to the property’s profile.
    • Click on "Book your next show day".
    • Put in the details.
    • Submit.

    Once you have decided on the show day and booked it online, notifications will once again be sent out to our large data base two days before the show date. This notification will invite buyers to your property and tell them that you will be showing your property with the date and time. On the website, your property will have a banner on saying that the property will be showed with the date and time.

    On the show day:

    • Be available at the property during the show time. Potential buyers will be visiting your property during this time.
    • We will provide show boards if the property is located in the Pretoria area. This will have clear directions to the property for potential buyers to find easily.
    • For any other area, you can contact us on or by calling 0861 697 663. We will then send you the boards at a cost.
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