This is a very important part of the selling process. You cannot change the location of your property, however, you can change the asking price. If you don’t know what to ask, compare your property to other properties or get the help of an Estate Agent in your area who in many cases provide property valuations for free.

MyRoof offers you the opportunity to compare properties on our website. This will tell you if you have a realistic price in mind. You will be able to see the pricing per square meter and pricing per room for properties like yours.

Follow the easy steps below to help determine the selling price of your property by comparing it to similar properties owners are selling privately or with the help of estate agents on our website:

  • Register or log into your MyRoof account. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it as follow:
    • Click on "Login or Signup" in the top black menu bar.
    • Fill out the middle column.
    • Click on "Register"
    Registering on our website takes approximately 1 minute.
  • Type the suburb where your property is located into the “Search for Property” toolbar on the home page of MyRoof (
  • Click on the green "Search" button.
  • Look for properties similar to yours in terms of size, property type, amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and erf size.
  • Open the first property and click on the “Compare” button to the right hand side of the photo.
  • Open the second property and also click on the “Compare” button to the right hand side of the photo.
  • Should you want to compare more properties, you can add them in the same way. You can compare up to five properties in total.
  • The price per square floor meter as well as price per square erf meter will be visible underneath the “Pricing” section.

As mentioned previously, it might be a good option to request a professional estate agent to value your property at which stage said estate agent will recommend an asking price for your property.

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