Standard Bank lists repossessed and mandated properties for sale via ONLINE AUCTION as well as online offers. Standard Bank will settle all arrears rates and taxes on a property, in addition to paying all rates and taxes due until the date of registration. To make the process even easier on the pocket, there are no transfer duties payable by the buyer when purchasing a repossessed Standard Bank property.

When buying repossessed property through Absa in a personal capacity, the buyer will not be held liable for payment of transfer duties on the property. An added bonus is that should you finance your new home through Absa Home Loans you will enjoy the benefit of discounted attorney fees. Why not start your search for your dream home today?

FNB takes the majority of the work out of buying repossessed properties by offering buyers up to 100% bond financing. The buyer will not be liable for any transfer duties, and FNB will furthermore pay any outstanding property rates and taxes up until the date of registration.

Floor Plans for Properties For Sale

MyRoof first introduced floor plans for every property for sale on our website in 2006. The thinking was simply: "Provide the best possible buying experience for people interested in buying property". The more information we could present to potential buyers, the easier it would be for our buyers to decide on a property to buy. It's true that a picture paints a thousand words, but, as many a property buyer would tell you, a picture can also mislead you. Today MyRoof combines high definition wide angle photographs with precision drafted floor plans. The direction of the photograph is indicated on the floor plan to enable the viewer to get a feel for the property. You can also easily see that the bedrooms have no windows or that a bedrooms only entrance is via another bedroom which is less than ideal. The floor plan also makes it easy to plan for any alterations you might want to make once you've purchased the property. We continually innovate to ensure our buyers have the best possible property buying experience. Make sure you use MyRoof when looking for properties for sale!

Property location

If you were to ask someone the reason they bought that specific house one of the answers will be, the property location. You may stand there perturbed at this revelation but the Property Location means different things for different people. This is where one’s property location is determined by basic needs and commitments. Young couples and single persons are more free which means less restrictions on their property location. Young couples with infants or pre-school children will need to be as close as possible to day-care centres and established families with children attending school will need to be close to schools. Property location can also be crucial for pensioners whom are in the position to own a property. For pensioners the property location may centre on the close proximity to medical care or easy access to retail outlets. So when looking for a property for sale take into account your own needs whether or not a properties location is suited to your needs.

Buying VS. Renting

Buying or renting a property is a question most of the consumers are faced with today. You may ask yourself, what is the best option for me at the present moment? And the advice here is, what does your financial situation allow, what are your needs or requirements and your future intentions and prospects. Some consumers may want the financial freedom of not being encumbered by a bond and for you renting will be the ideal solution. Here, as a tenant you should also be aware of the limitations which are at the discretion of the landlord. Renting is a short term approach to prepare the way for buying a home of your own as this allows a bit more disposable income to be saved for the financing of a home. Buying allows freedom in other avenues like the independence to do with your home as you please within the laws and bylaws of the local municipality. Buying a home brings a manner of stability that renting cannot always guarantee.

Quality Photos

We use wide angle high definition photos to give you as much detail of every room of the property. Some properties have over 50 photos of the property for sale. Most of the photos are mapped on the floor plan and is also categorised.

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