According to a British newspaper The Guardian, Houghton Estate is the richest, most Jewish and most Liberal constituency in all of South Africa. This should not be viewed as a rule, it is what Wikipedia has gathered from census information.

Louis Botha Avenue itself is not attractive. Just behind, west of Louis Botha, Houghton blooms. According to City of Johannesburg municipality there is a lot of home owners subdividing and renovating.

Houghton has some of the best as well as largest properties in South Africa. Everything is where it has to be in relation to Houghton - UJ, Wits, The Johannesburg National Zoo and The Observatory. Because Houghton is so centrally located, traffic should be no inconvenience as there are numerous alternative routes to get to and from Houghton.

The properties in Houghton speak for themselves: Space, quality and value.

Many properties are being merged and turned into sectional title developments. The suburb is so sought after that soon the Spatial Development Framework will run out of space. The Spatial Development Framework in Houghton was incidentally sanctioned by The City of Johannesburg.

Prices are high even by exclusive standards but this exclusivity is worth it. If you take a Houghton property and put it in Waterkloof, it would not look out of place but it would not be the same exclusive property it would have been in Houghton.

Houghton will always be in demand. Just like Waterkloof in Pretoria it carries a name which is instantly recognizable.

Many of the older properties in Houghton echo the design inspiration of the famous Sir Herbert Baker, which is also the neighbour to Park Town.

Due to the much re-development going on in Houghton the demand is above average. Investing here will definitely pay off. Browse the MyRoof website, you could find that elusive gem.

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