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Top 26 Home Loan Terms You Should Know - Part Two


In part one we dealt with the first 14 ‘need-to-know’ terms in the world of property purchase or sales from ‘amortising loan’ to ‘gearing’. It can be daunting if one doesn’t understand the processes and terminology involved in real estate transactions, so we’ve tried to explain some of the most common terms as simply as possible. more

Top 26 Home Loan Terms You Should Know - Part One


In the world of real estate there are often words and terms that come up in the process of buying or selling property that may seem unintelligible to the average person. Here is a list of common terminology you will come across as well as the simplest explanations and definitions. more

Top Ten Financial Terms You Need To Know


It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed when confronted with the myriad of financial terms that get thrown around when talking about property as investment or the property market in general. To make things a little easier for you, here is a glossary of expressions explained as simply as possible. It is important to educate oneself so you can make wise, sensible and informed decisions about the long-term investment of property. more

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