Amenities at Boardwalk Manor

I don’t really remember much of last night. I mean I remember leaving the house with the goal of finding hell and freeing it of its bonds, allowing it to break loose (see what I did there?) Whether this was achieved remains to be see, the answers held in pictures on my phone no doubt. One thing I do remember, was the exquisite décor that was the nightclub that is “Tiger Tiger”, their red carpets complimenting the original music played by their in-house DJ’s  in a culmination of sound and light, a feast for the senses, and yes, in every sense of the word.

I also remember dim, warm lights and extremely comfortable chairs. With the taste of great food and gorgeous entertainment, fire breathers doing all but setting themselves alight in astounding their audience, colourful martinis in an unrelenting flow and a dance floor packed to capacity, everyone on it dressed to the nines. This, no doubt, was Cubana, another of Pretoria’s magnificent hangouts, the music speaking of foreign shores, where golden bodies glisten upon white, white sands, and endless nights of romance and laughter – both these traits most definitely found amongst the mahogany finish and marble counters in this stunning example of nightlife at its finest, the pulsing synths of electro-Caribbean music and the darkness that enshrouds us allows us to forget who we are as the bass of the speakers envelops us, takes us by the hand and leads us away into the bliss of music that feeds the soul and nourishes the mind. Not even the security at Boardwalk Manor could have made me feel more comfortable...unless security was served with cocktails and fine leather seats.

From there I’m pretty sure I got into a car. Who that car belonged to is hard to say. Whether my car even made it home this morning will be determined when I get out of bed and walk outside – judging from how I’m feeling currently that may only happen tomorrow. I remember a sign saying “Lynwood”, its significance to the story will hopefully dawn on me as I remember how to remember. A red archway and full parking lot, strobes and lasers set the air ablaze as international acts from around the world stood behind mixers and drum computers to produce music of epic proportions. Surely this was Arcade Empire, found on the eastern stretches of Lynwood road (ah there we go, that’s how Lynwood came into play, okay my brain has started the long trek to sobriety). Home of the free spirited and the hipster, in a gorgeous salute to originality in music and culture, Arcade Empire has grown from the humble beginnings of the Warehouse it once occupied to one of the foremost platforms for the best in both popular and alternative sound and performance, said performances the works of personalities such as Desmond and the Tutus, Das Kapital, and international sensation, Jeremey Loops.

The night met its stunning conclusion (this I remember, such was its delight that it cut right through the tequila induced buzz I had going on) with a walk to the Grove shopping centre, and within its glorious walls; Wakaberry – and no, it’s not an anti-climactic ending, but more a continued party as the tastes of foreign frozen yoghurt set my taste buds dancing upon my tongue, a carnival to rival Rio, a festival to usurp Tomorrowland. 

Why on earth am I telling you all this? It’s a question I certainly would be asking if I was reading this on a real estate page (which I sincerely hope you are, because if you’re not it means some one’s passing off my work as their own – a completely understandable yet not excusable act of plagiarism). I’m telling you this because it is the life that awaits you, should you choose Boardwalk as your place of residence. The spectacular proximity to all of Pretoria’s greatest pubs, clubs and dirtiest dance floors (dirty being a description of nature, rather than of physicality, said dance floors in fact being absolutely spotless) will ensure that the party animal in you, whether long dormant, or sitting just beneath the surface, will shatter your exterior of composure in the most incredible fashion. Getting dressed up never felt so good as the best is donned, and from which magic exudes, alongside the knowledge that the drive to the doors of night-time and youth are but a few minutes away, your mind buzzing, your body twitching in anticipation of the night ahead of you - and in forming part of the surrounding amenities of Boardwalk Manor, the party scene is certainly unsurpassed in location.

And when all is said and done and left behind, and when heels are carried in hand, walls emblazoned with red paint, the sun rising in front of you and a warm breeze on your back, you may reflect back on the fact that this is not simply a one night stand with the greatest that Southern African life has to offer. You will see her again, and again and again, such is the closeness, both in heart and distance that she is to you. For you see home as the properties of Boardwalk Manor Estate, a residential estate built for the very purpose of allowing the zest of day and secrets of night to come alive.

Now honestly, how much don’t you feel like a party right now?

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