Being the capital of KwaZulu-Natal, it is the second largest city in this province. One can expect to find some of South Africa's richest history, including the battle of Bloed Rivier (The Battle of Blood River). Founded in 1838, it today caters for one of the biggest Indian populations.

Pietermaritzburg's name has three strands of history and each is valid. Firstly, it was named by the Zulu king Dingaan Umgungundlovu, meaning “Place of the Elephant”. The second part was linked to the famous boer Piet Retief, and his middle name being Maurits. So the first name of Piet and the second name Maurits was likely a strand Piet Marits and added the Burg. The third scenario was that another was honoured in the cities name being Gerit Maritz, whom never actually saw the city but for his valiant efforts in the battle of Bloukrans lost his life and was thus honoured.

Thus there are three very prominent figures that are caught up in this multi-cultured city.

Mahatma Gandhi was here too, and sadly he was in trouble for using the “wrong” train carriage. He was ordered to vacate the carriage and take up his seat in the rear of the train in the van compartment. This took place in 1893 June 7th.

Pietermaritzburg being such an old suburb, would have property dating back many years with design styles and features across many eras including Colonial, Victorian, some Cape Dutch and farm style houses.

The investment opportunity property offers is what could be expected and with some serious industrial companies trading from here there is an industry to support the region.

Because Pietermaritzburg is a suburb on a main arterial route linking two or more major cities in South Africa, property value will show good returns and rental income is on a par. Various industries support the region so there is always movement in the property market helping the inflation on property value.

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