Not only Pretoria has Jacaranda trees painting purple pictures of exclusivity. Hyde Park also caters for embassies and has an exclusive lining.

Think of Hyde Park and a few images spring to mind: Bacos Brothers, Jan Smuts Avenue, Oxford and Bompass Roads, William Nicol Drive and Sandton. All of these inspire quality. Architectural design is not limited to any specific era: English Tudor, Tuscan Villa and Neo- Classic are just some eye-catching designs on offer.

8ft high perimeter walls house sprawling mansions with hi-tech security and splendour living.

Is this old money or is this wise money?

The Lightstone company has some interesting stats about Hyde Park. At some stage in history, Hyde Park was old money but that has changed. It may look like old money now, but home owners in Hyde Park over the past five years show that 30% of these home owners are approximately 35 years of age. Hyde Park on its own compared to Clifton, has nothing to offer in terms of social life like a beach-front as attraction.

What then is the attraction?

In my view, having resided both in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the attraction to a suburb like Hyde Park can only be the true value property offers. Drive around in Hyde Park and it is soon evident that it is about houses, design and space. Drive around in Clifton and the seaside is the attraction. Hyde Park creates the idea of estate living in a suburban setting.

In my view it is a “lifestyle” as much as seaside living is a “lifestyle”. It is in my view not an “artificial” environment of opulence created by alternative attractions – artificial in the sense of seawater or mountain backdrops. The property value in Hyde Park speaks of opulence.

With Sandton, Morningside and Rosebank close by, entertainment is an extension of this lifestyle. Secure night-life entertainment is always going to be an attraction for the age group residing in Hyde Park which also has its own night life entertainment.

Hyde Park is very much a stand alone self sustaining suburb. Visit our website to see what Hyde Park is all about.

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