Gansbaai is a Western Cape Town located in the Overberg region, and is still growing in popularity.

The Khoi people were the first inhabitants to Gansbaai with evidence of this on view in the popular Klipgat Cave which is located in the Walker Bay Nature Reserve.

Dutch settlers sent out on expeditions reported the area as a plausible fishing site and thus in 1811 fishing cottages were erected in the Milkwood Forests in Stanfords Bay near De Kelders.

Danger Point has been the destruction of many ships rounding the Cape and more than 140 ships have run aground at Danger Point. A lighthouse was built to warn passing ships of the danger. Danger Point is the first place to adopted the “woman and children first” policy.

Gansbaai’s name is reputed to come from the original name Gansgat, called so for the colony of Egyptian Geese which have been present at the fresh water fountain located at the harbour.

Fishing is the main source of income for residents of Gansbaai and a lot of the fish is shipped to other parts of the country. There is now a fish meal factory and, the Fisheries Development Corporation is believed to be the largest canning division in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gansbaai is a local, national and international tourist destination. Favoured among adventure divers and whale watchers.

Gansbaai is considered the Great White Shark Capital of the world and hence the name of Shark Alley.

There are some historical sites about whaling to view but tourists these days prefer to walk out onto the lookout point at Danger Bay for some Southern Fight Whale watching.

Due to the fact that so many tourists visit Gansbaai property has been in demand.

Take a tour of Gansbaai’s property and other coastal town to find your next holiday investment.

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