The suburb of Woodlands in Port Elizabeth is a middle upper-class residential suburb with a mixed property usage that consists of freehold homes, townhouse complexes and apartment complexes. That means first-time buyers, investors in the rental market professionals and families all have an opportunity to reside in this appealing suburb. Sales statistics show a rise in demand for homes in the greater Port Elizabeth and that means buyers will consider the suburb too.

The suburb is in a prime location which is a factor to consider given the cost of fuel but also the convenience of short distances and time spent in congested traffic. The suburb is close to all the major commercial and industrial nodes, schools and malls.

Malls that cater to retail and commercial entertainment are The Willows Shopping Centre, Walker Drive Shopping Centre and MetLife Mall Shopping Centre. Schools in and close to the suburb are Kabega Christian Independent High School, Sunridge Primary School and Hoerskool Framseby.

Being an upmarket suburb means the general architecture is modern and some classic conventional designs to compliment the sales in the suburb and then there are of course lush landscaped gardens which add to the appeal of homes in general.

There are presently not many homes for sale in the suburb and this is mostly due to the age of the suburb. Older established suburbs, in general, see less movement but when homes do come onto the market they are sold reasonably quickly. It has nothing to do with issues in the suburb as sales also come from pensioners that generally downsize.

Being an older suburb also means some of the stands are large which will appeal to established large families.

The shortage of stock is also an indication that investors find value and good returns on their investment.

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