Vryburg has a name which says a lot about the citizens of the time. Translated it means “Free Citizens”. The town was founded on 20th September 1882. The name was originally Endvogelfontein and changed to Vryburg later the same year. Lottery goes back to this period in history when plots were laid out and apportioned to volunteers. Thus by February 1883 a total of 400 farms were established.

The Republic of Stellaland was proclaimed on 16th August 1883 when Administrator van Niekerk appointed himself as president of Stellaland. Vryburg was elected the capital of the region after it was decided that the Burghers wanted independence from the Cape Colony rule.

The London Convention was signed in February 1884, which made Stellaland a British protectorate and Reverend John McKensie was appointed the Commissioner to British Bechuanaland.

Vryburg today is South Africa's largest beef producer with Bonsmara cows being the most popular cattle to farm. The region also farms peanuts and maize. Vryburg is referred to as South Africa's Texas because of the extent of cattle farming in the region.

Sir Arnold Theiler, the famous veterinarian, whom started the Onderstepoort research centre in Pretoria, has his collection of research implements displayed in the Theiler Museum.

The farmers in the region are supported by a vast satellite industry which has led to further industrial development in the region.

This is a positive factor in driving property value as the industrialization of a suburb leads to expansion and thus a demand for property, movement and further development. Property values would thus perform similar to property in other regions in South Africa.

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