One could say Van Riebeeck Hoogte is an old quaint tranquil suburb. The reason for this is simple as there are a large number of homes that date from an era way back in time. This gives the homes a character and charm and are sought after by families that enjoy a challenge in renovating these homes as they came standard with the rich solid wood flooring, pressed cast iron ceilings and wide archways and this all evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Property values are driven by the age of the homes which is not quite a reflection of demand in the suburb. One could see it in this way, properties come on the market for a limited number of reasons namely relocation, upgrading due to family growth, increase in income and downsizing.

Properties in the suburb do also not remain in the market for extended periods are they are correctly priced. The property values one can also deduce form the sales is that it is indeed a stable market rather than a suburb that has seasonal bubbles or any other major influences that cause values to rise and drop beyond the normal market influences.

What can see the reason that the suburb was established which is due to Volkswagen Factory which has been a source of income to households for the longest time and then from there came the allied automotive industries and the commercial sector for the auto manufacturer. So many people dismiss Van Riebeeck Hoogte as a residential address but when looking closely the suburb is actually in a prime location not just in relation to schools and malls but also commercial and industrial nodes.

Deducing then that the suburb is well-established one can also safely expect a number of schools nearby namely Laerskool Albertyn, Riebeek College Girls’ High School, Fountain of Life Christian School and East Cape Midlands College.

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