Downtown Cape Town does not bare the same reputation as “downtown’s” in many other countries. University Estate is one of Cape Town’s flagship property investment attractions. Not as prestigious or expensive as say Fresnaye or Clifton but the exclusivity which stems from property usage and setting.

A mixed property usage which consists of freehold homes, apartments and cluster homes will appeal to the well-heeled in this market segment.

University Estate falls within the City Bowl of Cape Town and this means architecture is important. Many of the Cape Dutch buildings have been renovated and a further 3 700 apartments have been developed.

Part of the status of University Estate can be attributed to the luxury hotels which draw national and international clientele. This of course exposes the listed properties tempting interest to invest in the lifestyle.

The backdrop of Table Mountain is not only historical but paints a idyllic familial exclusive lifestyle.

The effort by the Central City Improvement District (CCID) initiative means safety is a prime factor in drawing property owners.

The cosmopolitan lifestyle is like no other place in South Africa and this is echoed when taking a walk around Parliament Square or The Company Gardens with old Oak trees [planted by Simon van der Stel when he was governor of the Cape of Good Hope).

For permanent residents to University Estate schools are important. Here is a list of some of the reputable schools nearby; Queen’s Park High School, St Cyprian’s School, Zonnebloem Boys Primary School and Walmer Secondary School.

The amount of newly constructed or reconstructed apartment buildings that have been undertaken in and around University Estate is a good indication that this is a long term stable growth property market.

Many of the malls have been upgraded to mirror the City Bowl’s new image adding to the exclusivity of University Estate.

Take a tour of the homes in University Estate via the Myroof web-site.

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