Universitas is a suburb of the greater Bloemfontein which is the Capital of the Court of Appeals in South Africa.

The suburb can be described as a middle-class suburb which has a mixed property use which comprises sectional-title townhouses, apartments, clusters and freehold homes. It can also be described as a tranquil and well-established suburb with all the important amenities in place like commercial hubs, schools, industrial hubs, shopping malls and major and minor roads.

The architecture is both conventional and the more modern architecture which is of the current fashion. These factors of architecture and high degree of demand for homes in the suburb drive property values.

Property values are comparable to any suburb across South Africa which means growth in property value will be in the region of 6% per annum. This bodes well for the suburb and will filter down to the rental market which enjoys the same degree of demand for property in the suburb.

With the proximity of the suburb to the University of the Free-state means student accommodation in the rental market is the ideal opportunity to consider on a long term basis as an extra source of income.

The town and region is also a tourist destination which means there are guest houses and B&B’s which come into the market from time to time which diversifies and further adds to property use in the town.

Being a major town there are a number of schools and well to do colleges nearby such as Grey College, St Michaels School for Girls, Saint Andrews Combined School and Universitas Primary school with the University of the Free-state added to the list

Bloemfontein has its lifestyle, golf and security estates which is a further indication that the market is stable and in fact expanding due to demand.

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