The suburb of The Gardens in the central northern region of Johannesburg has very much the same inviting and pleasant appeal as Park Town with the small fashion boutiques and street cafes which is an idyllic cosmopolitan free lifestyle.

This and other factors are some of the draw cards for home owners, investors and tenants alike.

The Gardens is carries a status of exclusivity which is apparent for the property values, the contemporary and classic architecture and sizes of the individual homes. A familial atmosphere is part of the appeal with landscaped gardens and neat, well-maintained homes. The tranquility of suburb is also one factor that adds to the marketability of homes in the suburb.

Surrounding suburbs like Oaklands, Norwood, Highlands North and Forbesdale confirm the status of The Gardens as that of exclusivity.

The prime location of The Gardens is related to the close proximity the various commercial hubs in Sandton, Rivonia, Rosebank and Melrose. Access roads to the various hubs confirm the prime location with roads such as Pretoria Street connecting to Melrose and Rosebank and Athol Street connecting to Oxford Road connecting to Sandton, Hyde Park and Rivonia.

Important factors that impact on the status of The Gardens and suburbs and their status in general is prompt and efficient service delivery like refuse removal adding to the aesthetic appeal of the suburb and The Gardens residents seems to have this under control as the sidewalks are clean and tidy and the road surfaces are in general good condition.

Other important services that is important to a community as its demographic is institutions like schools of which The Gardens has a number to choose from such as St Mary’s School, Waverly Girl’s High School and Highlands North Boy’s High School.

The Gardens has access to many of the exclusive malls to match its status such as Norwood Mall, The Zone @ Rosebank and The Michelangelo Towers in Sandton.

Take a tour of the homes in The Gardens via the Myroof website.

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