East London has a rich and diverse cultural and economic history which have all contributed to the establishment of the town and its commerce. The town was established in 1836 by John Bailie whom surveyed the Buffalo River Mouth and achieved the status of a city in 1914.

There was also a large contingent of German bachelors’ and this has and is seen in the street names of the town and its suburbs.

The main reason was the town was established was the fact that it was and still is the only river mouth port in the country.

East London is the second largest industrial sector in the province which means the various industries are crucial to the sustainable household incomes and then also a contributing factor in the property market. One of the large industrial manufactures is Daimler which manufactures the Mercedes Benz marque for local and export market and this is also why the location of East London is vital to commerce.

Naturally East London has expanded at a fair rate due to the commerce and this led to the establishment of additional suburb of which Sunny Ridge is one. The suburb is a mixed property use suburb consisting of freestanding homes, apartments and a number of sectional title townhouse complexes which translates into a buoyant stable growth property market. The mixed property usage also then caters for a broad spectrum of income groups from middle low to middle upper-class consumers.

Being a well-established suburb means the architecture is a historical timeline of progress in the market. Sunny Ridge itself has a number of extension which is an indication of how the demand for homes and the market has expanded.

There are a vast number of schools catering to educational requirements of suburb namely; Laerskool Kuswag, George Randell High School and George Randell Primary School.

There are more than enough malls catering for retail and entertainment needs namely; Settlers Square, Gilwell Crossing and Malcomes Park Centre.

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