Summerstrand is a seaside suburb located in the greater Port Elizabeth municipality. The architecture is both conventional and in keeping with the latest architectural trends evident today. These factors are one of the factors in driving both demand and property values to what they are at present.

Being a seaside suburb means it will serve well as a holiday getaway investment prospect with apartments, townhouses, clusters and freehold homes making up the property use. It is aimed at the middle-class income group which means property values are on the higher end of the scale and this is an indication as to the degree of demand the suburb enjoys in both the holiday and permanent residence market.

This factor means the letting market is certainly something to consider as the region is an almost year round tourist market.

Apartment and homes offer views of the beachfront and the city of Port Elizabeth painting a pretty picture day and night.

In peak holiday seasons the roads may be slightly congested with holiday makers finding their way to one of the many white beaches but in general it is a pleasant and tranquil suburb.

For the permanent residents commercial, retail and industrial hubs are easily accessible form the suburb on the many roads like Marine Drive and La Roche Drive to mention two and of course the Port Elizabeth International Airport is close enough to add to the convenience for holiday tourists and business people to travel abroad.

Schools that service the suburb are just as conveniently close. Here is a list of some of the more popular schools Pearson High School, Cape Recife School, Summerwood Primary School.

Of malls there are enough to choose from such as Summerstrand Village, Greenacres Shopping Centre and Moffett on Main.

Industrial hubs in and around Port Elizabeth rely heavily on the engineering and automotive industries for a source of sustainable income which means the greater Port Elizabeth will continue to expand with the ever expanding industries.

Take a tour of the properties in Summerstrand via the Myroof web-site.

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