In any language the Western Cape Garden Route possesses a jewel like quality. The stretch of Indian Ocean from Struis Bay up north is some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable.

Up north of Struis Bai is the tranquil town of Still Bay. To define Still Bay as a town would be only doing it an injustice. The village like atmosphere belies the homes in the village which is highly sought after as a second family home and amongst pensioners for the tranquillity and appealing scenery.

The town is still an expanding town which bodes well for property values as there are a number of lifestyle, security and eco-estates being developed.

When comparing the homes in Still Bay with a normal suburb then the properties in Still Bay can be categorized as a middle to upper-class or prestigious suburb.

A property usage which consists of freehold homes, small holdings and farms will appeal to a large generation spread and the architecture likewise. A good mixture of contemporary, Farm Styled Thatched homes, Cottage style homes and some period type homes all fit into the landscape.

The popularity of Still Bay is and has been increasing which is firstly an indication that the market is stable and secondly that property values will continue increasing with an increase in demand.

With a number of vacant stands available in the picturesque village it would be a wise investment move to consider a vacant stand on which to build that retirement home or the dream second holiday home.

It would take careful planning for a younger family to reside in Still Bay as it is in a rather remote location, there are schools in the district for those how would live in Still Bay and sacrifice the comforts of major suburban living with the convenience of everything on the doorstep.

Take a tour of the homes in Still Bay via the Myroof web-site.

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