St Lucia is a coastal resort which has been in use as a holiday resort for decades. The main attraction being sea fishing and nature.

This picturesque village has it all for those who enjoy the outdoors from sea to fresh water activities and more.

Due to the increase in the popularity of St Lucia there has been a steady growth of a town with a small Central Business District which caters for retail needs.

The residential homes are a mixture of affordable town houses, vacant stands and upmarket exclusive homes which further enhances the property investment prospects of St Lucia. Favourable weather conditions almost all year round mean tourists are visiting the town constantly.

The town is established and permanent residents are catered for in terms of schools and hospitals which are situated in St Lucia and neighboring towns.

Schools in or close to St Lucia are Arboretum Primary, Brackenham Primary, John Ross College, Richardsbay Christian School and Richardsbay Primary School.

Malls in St Lucia include Boardwalk Shopping Mall, Bay Centre, Meerensee Mall and LAC Centre.

Neighbouring towns are Richardsbay, Kosi Bay and Cape Vidal.

European sailors of a Portuguese ship, the Saint Benedict, ran aground in St Lucia Bay around 1554. The survivors of the ship named the place Rio de la Medaos do Ouro which translates to River of the Dows of Gold. Afterwards, the region was renamed by Manuel Perestrello to Santa Lucia in honour of the feast of Saint Lucy.

St Lucia today is a world proclaimed heritage site due to the rich bio-diversity in the park and sea which has rich fossil deposits and seas teaming with rare specimens of almost extinct creatures.

There is something to do for every type of tourist in St Lucia.

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