Somerset West and the region are well-known for the historical background dating back to the Cape Dutch rule and British Colonial days of old. The Helderberg region form part of the Western Cape wine region which is a spectacular sight and more synonymous with the region is strawberries.

This brings a sense of nostalgia and charm to the town and its many suburbs which have developed as the region became more populated. The quaint charm of the town is very much evident in some of the architecture which has remained from days gone by which offers an array of opportunities and these dated Colonial homes are highly sought after by renovators.

The town and its many suburbs are categorized the same as other towns across South Africa with lower income housing, middle-class income suburbs and prestigious suburbs.

Thus it is very much a part of income that determines which suburb will cater for which income group. Somerset West is a self-sustaining town with all the amenities, services and income sources as any other major town thus not reliant on surrounding towns for its existence.

It is then also safe to assume that property values are driven by market influences such as resale figures location if the various suburbs and their proximity to amenities and major roads.

The benefit of Somerset West is the fact that the town has a high volume of tourists who visit and frequent the town and region all year round. This is of benefit to exposure of the various properties on the market which is all year round.

Foreign property investors likewise form a large part of the owners market in the exclusive suburbs ensuring a stable growth market for the greater Somerset West.

Due to the high tourist volumes in the region the added benefit of property usage is guest houses and B&B’s which offers growth on a yearly basis in terms of accommodation increases.

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