A German immigrant named Hans Mundt bought the farm around 1874.

Around the turn of the century, silver was discovered on the farm and that part of the farm was sold to the Silver Mining Company.

The rest of the farm, which was still in the possession of the Mundt family in 1961, was first donated to the municipality of Silverton, which in turn donated the farm to the Cultural Museum. It was renamed the Pioneers Museum around 1971.

Silverton is a suburb in Pretoria located in the east. One factor which is a great attraction to Silverton is the erf sizes. Most of the stands in Silverton measure in excess of 1800m2. There is thus a lot of potential for re-development of the properties, and also sub-dividing them.

Silverton is now sustained by medium to heavy industrial manufacturing which had its origin in the railway industries and satellite industries which were started to support the Transnet works in Koedoespoort and the automotive manufacturing industry which is dependent on these sources of income to sustain the area.

It is a quiet well established suburb which has a mixed use environment of apartment building commercial and small industrial hubs.

Silverton is located in a good placing for travel to amenities like schools, industrial and commercial hubs outside the town perimeters.

When you mention Silverton three main attractions spring to mind, the first being the National Botanical Gardens, the CSIR and The Pioneers Museum.

The Pioneers Museum is a local traders market and museum which attracts scores of people from across Pretoria every Saturday and Sunday. Fresh produce is on sale directly from farmers along with food kiosks and fun and entertainment for the children.

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