The KZN Hibiscus Coast has been a sought after holiday destination for many years. It offers the best of both worlds and is still a tourist haven both in and out of season. This is due to the mild to warm weather conditions, white sandy beaches and the warm south coast waters.

Shelly Beach is now a well-established town with all the important amenities in place like nearby schools, malls a small commercial hub and of course a large selection of tourist attraction.

When viewing the median property values in Shelly Beach a few important factors should be kept in mind. The stable growth rate in property values is an indication that there is a huge demand for homes in Shelly Beach and secondly the market is expanding due to this demand and a very diverse property usage ensures that the town attracts a larger homeowner’s base.

There are a few categories of property usage in Shelly Beach namely, freehold homes, of which a fair number have stepped up into the exclusive market, apartments which serve a dual purpose of residential as well as vacation homes, an increase in the number of eco and lifestyle estates, cluster homes and townhouses.

Townhouses and apartments are a great opportunity for property investors seeking to enter the holiday and rental market as demand for permanent and holiday residents are high.

The still expanding town has a large number of vacant stands which will appeal to owner builders seeking that exclusive holiday home in Shelly Beach with the benefit that vacant stands are reasonably priced for such a highly sought after destination.

The architecture in the town is varied and almost any designs will suite this beautiful setting with its sand dunes and the sea as a focal point.

For permanent residents there are a number of schools to choose from such as Creston College, Merlewood Primary School and Suid-Natal High School.

Malls that service Shelly Beach are South Coast Mall, Shelly Centre and Shelly Boulevard.

Take a tour of the homes in Shelly Beach, KZN via the Myroof web-site.

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