South Africa’s coastline must be some of the busiest holiday destinations. The KZN coastline will appeal more to the sun seekers and summer holiday tourists due to the ideal weather conditions which permit the pleasure of utilising the white beaches and mild water temperatures.

The KZN Dolphin Coast falls well within this category and this is a market catering for the well-heeled and international property investors due to the exclusivity the properties offer along with the stability of growth in property values, and this is true for the highly sought after town of Shaka’s Rock.

When a holiday setting and atmosphere are brought to the doorstep the appeal of investing in a second holiday home makes perfect sense. Add to that the mixed property usage and you will find a market which will cater for all interested parties.

Property usage in Shaka’s Rock then consists of freehold homes falling more within the prestigious category, apartments likewise falling more into the prestigious market and for the D.I.Y. types there is the benefit of vacant stands to construct that dream residential home or that second vacation home. No expense need be spared as it is a high demand market in both instances of permanent residents and holiday homes.

Appeal to Shaka’s Rock was further enhanced by the number of eco and lifestyle estates like Simbithi Eco Estate that was developed after an increasing demand for estates grew in the region.

The number of rated hotels in Shaka’s Rock has assisted in giving the town further exposure to international investors visiting these hotels and once foreign investors spend money in a region it does reflect in a mild rise in property values.

When the King Shaka International Airport relocated to just outside Desainager a few minutes from Shaka’s Rock reaching the town just became so much more convenient and many opt to fly to Shaka’s Rock that to travel by road from inland destinations.

Take a tour of the homes and apartments in Shaka’s Rock, KZN Dolphin Coast via the Myroof web-site.

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