The Western Cape Garden Route and in specific the village of Sedgefield is known as a member the Cittaslow movement. At a snail’s pace is right where you will find yourself in this picturesque scenery of Sedgefield.

And in some respects Sedgefield is holding true to this philosophy of promoting a tranquil lifestyle with a minimal impact on nature and living from the local produce.

So to then assume that Sedgefield is the perfect holiday retreat is on the money. It is also however a residential suburb and as such property and property trading reflects in some part the wellness of a town and judging from the property values Sedgefield is in a major growth market.

There are a number of new developments being undertaken like townhouse complexes which indicates demand and stability.

The property usage in Sedgefield consists of apartments, freehold homes, townhouses, farms and small holdings. The market segment most notable in Sedgefield is the freehold homes market which can be classified as a prestigious market when looking at the sales achieved on individual homes.

With new developments there comes a new era in architecture which adds further value to the property in Sedgefield and for the rest of the town there is a mixture of architectural styles which will appeal to all generations within the more prestigious end of the income spectrum.

Tourism is one of the major contributors to the sustainability of Sedgefield and then there is agriculture and a secondary industry in support of farming.

Sedgefield has grown to a point today where there are approx. 5 suburbs made up of permanent residents and then a number of holiday homes.

For permanent residents are schools reasonable close by such as Knysna Montessori School, Sedgefield Primary School and Oakhill School.

For major retail needs the closest town to visit is George, and then take a tour of the hospitality and tourist attractions whilst shopping.

Take a tour of the homes in Sedgefield via the Myroof web-site.

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