When there is no industrial or commercial sectors in a town it has a typical laid back tranquil and even familial atmosphere.

This is very much the qualities that make Seaview, a town close to Port Elizabeth so highly sought after. With Port Elizabeth only 30 minutes’ drive from Seaview it is the perfect town to retreat from after a days’ hard work.

This is certainly not the only reason why the town is so sought after. There are the migrating dolphins which come to play in the pristine waters and the various tourist attractions. The property market is a lucrative growing market with a property usage consisting of mainly freestanding homes, some farms and then vacant stands.

Situated so close to the ocean and set mostly on rolling hills the homes have modern architecture which is obviously to make full use of the views, and one is generally within walking distance from the ocean and pearly white beaches.

One could almost liken the town to a private lifestyle or nature estate as the property values cater to the upper middleclass and the wealthy home owners. Beach front property is naturally priced higher than homes slightly further back but that does not mean they have no views. For this reason it is the perfect time to invest in a vacant stand in Seaview as their market values are well-priced and will enable one to build and home to match the budget and status.

For the second home owners the town is equally desirable for its natural beauty, fine mild weather conditions and the stable property market.

As a residential town there would be a need for malls and schools of which both have a number catering for the town.

The following list are schools nearby; Island Forest Primary School, St Albans Primary School and Morningside High School.

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