Due to the fact that the east of Pretoria is expanding at a rapid rate, which is driven by demand and the other fact that estates have become the norm in property development, means the development of the region is far from exhausted.

The definition of estates has also now been broadened and is now also aimed at the middle-class as this was an underutilized source for developers. The middle-class income group market also get bond approval more readily than the high-end market due to the lesser degree of risks financial institutions are exposed to with bonds.

Savannah Country Estate has its origin from the original founding estate of Silver Lakes. Of course, some of the same criteria apply to this estate as any other exclusive estate in terms of architecture minimum permissible sizes of individual homes and other regulations as determined by the governing bodies.

Other services Savannah Estate has in common with the more exclusive estates is the 24 hour manned access control and landscaped communal property adding to the serenity of an almost country-like lifestyle.

Because the middle-class market is in such high demand means there are a lot of sales taking place in the form of upgrades, downsizing and relocation, the stability of property in the estate should be a major factor not to be overlooked.

The other factor that makes estates like Savannah Country Estate prime property is the exceedingly high demand for rental property and this means the rental income will increase sharply, possibly slightly higher that freehold homes in general suburbs. This is some property investors should bear in mind when seeking investments in property over a long-term basis.

Savannah Country Estate has the benefit of being in close proximity to reputable schools which have been established long before the estate was planned. Here is a list of some of the schools; Curro Hazeldean Independent School, Tyger Valley College and Willow Ridge High School.

Savannah Country Estate has the added benefit of having access to major highways and roads such as the N4, Solomon Mahlangu Drive and Lynnwood Road highlighting what is a prime location.

Take a tour of the homes in Savannah Country Estate via the Myroof website.

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