The south of Johannesburg is like a magnet, and it is true for financial institutions too. It comes as no surpise that they would relocate from Johannesburg CBD to a place like Sandton. Even the stock exchange has redeployed to Sandton.

Sandton is a bustling growing and thriving urban sprawl. The Michael Angelo Hotel is currently selling South Africa's most expensive penthouse at a whopping R60,000,000. Is there a view and of what? Yes there is, and it includes the surrounding suburbs, lights and beautiful properties.

Prices for properties are high in Sandton. Looking at it objectively, there is only a view of the surrounding mortar and bricks.

Sandton and Manhattan (NY) are in many ways the same, including fast growth and exclusivity.

A comparison between Manhattan in New York and Sandton looks like this: Manhattan is 87.46km2 where Sandton is 143.54 km2. The population in Manhattan is 1.619 million and in Sandton 222.415. The population density figures for Manhattan are higher while the surface area is less. Sandton is moving in the same direction in many aspects, including money and property values.

Sandton hosts many international company headquarters in the CBD including Massmart, Ster-Kinekor, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Sasol.

Gautrain has a station in Sandton and this is convenient for businesses commuting between the main business centres in Gauteng, mainly between Pretoria, Johannesburg CBD and Sandton.

Residential property in Sandton commands good pricing and you can deduce from this that rental income would be stable and growing with the demand for this elite suburb. This elite suburb will offer you exclusivity and will certainly be a good investment, due to the high demand.

MyRoof has many properties in and around Sandton. Why not take a tour on the website to see if your dream property is listed with us?

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