The KZN Dolphin Coast has been a favoured holiday destination with the public for many years. KZN weather conditions must be one of the most important factors in attracting holiday tourists and property investors to towns like Salt Rock.

Salt Rock in large part has its existence to thank from Basil Hulett and his wife and from there the town expanded to what it is today.

The popularity of Salt Rock as a residential and holiday residential resort has been steadily increasing and this is totally evident in the rise in property values with a steady increase in demand for property too.

Vacant stands are being sold in the market which is a further indication of the increased demand and the fact that Salt Rock is an expanding residential suburb.

Property values in Salt Rock put the town in the middle to upper-class segment and many properties falling within the prestigious market segment.

The tranquil idyllic setting along the coastline brings that holiday feeling home and the lush vegetation far removed from suburban life of mortar and stone.

Property usage in Salt Rock is diverse allowing single people, large established families and the elderly to have a place in the sun and sea with freehold homes, townhouses and apartments also available.

This also makes Salt Rock the ideal holiday rental market as seasonal tourists sometimes prefer the idea of self-catering holidays and not wanting the expense of owning a second home or holiday home.

For permanent residents of a residential town important amenities which make up the independency of a town are in place like schools and mall.

Here is a list of some nearby schools; Curro Mount Richmore Private School, Ashton International College and Beaches Independent Primary School.

Malls which cater for retail needs for both tourists and residents are Balito Junction, Balito Lifestyle centre and Tiffani’s Shopping Centre.

Take a tour of the homes in Salt Rock, KZN Dolphin Coast via the Myroof web-site.

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