It is almost hard to believe that the greater Midrand has expanded this much and at the pace it has. There are of course some major contributing factors to this like the high demand for residential property in the middle-income group which comprises young single people, fist-time buyers and young married couples.

This reflects the current market demand or property usage sector which is the middle-class group in the sectional sector. One of the reasons this is such a lucrative market is because of the sheer number of people that have to be catered for then there is another major contributing factor which is not exclusively a factor to Midrand but the prime location does go a long way and the younger generation don’t always the income resources to travel extensively to reach their respective places of employment.

Then Midrand is also a large scale estate development comprising individual estates which bring diversity in architecture like the Sagewood Security Estate which has a young fresh and modern architecture and interior fittings and fixtures to match that of the exterior. Thus, there is a fairly high degree of exclusivity in Sagewood Estate. The property usage in Sagewood comprises townhouses of varying sizes, apartments and freestanding homes.

This gives one a picture of a well-balanced estate and the freestanding homes add to the overall higher values of property in general. Freestanding homes in the estate cater for the middle to upper-class income groups.

Then there are still a number of vacant stands available in the estate which is still good value for money when considering the relative cost of existing homes.

For Sagewood to an integrated community it has to have access to utilities like municipal and private schools and malls.

Schools next to Sagewood are Sagewood School, Summerhill International College and Blue Hills College.

Malls catering for retail and entertainment needs are Blue Hills Shopping Centre, Midrand Mall, Boulders Shopping Centre and Mall of Africa.

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