The city of Roodepoort has a charm all of its own. The many suburbs that make up the greater Roodepoort are all mostly a matter of preference and budget.

The suburb of Ruimsig is classified as an upper-class and prestigious suburb. Mixed with lower valued but equally sought after cluster homes, apartments and townhouses brings with it the larger base making up the suburbs property usage. Freestanding homes are basically divided into the upper and prestigious end of the market.

The tranquil atmosphere is one feature that will keep drawing people to the suburb and a familial atmosphere to go with the tranquillity.

The homes in the suburb or many of the freestanding homes have made full use of the rolling hills to make best use of the views on offer over to the northern end of Johannesburg. This of course does add to the individual values of these homes and also has an effect on the general sales values of homes in the suburb.

The architecture of Ruimsig will appeal to a large market with architecture consisting of modern contemporary and some architectural homes. Townhouses and apartments tend to be more current in design which will appeal to the younger market.

Of course there are external factors which have also been of great benefit to Ruimsig, namely the private estates surrounding the suburb. This always has the effect of increasing demand and values of adjacent properties.

The prime location of Ruimsig goes almost without saying as the suburb has easy access to the office, schools and malls.

Ruimsig has access to reputable private and public schools such as The Gateway School, The King’s School, Maragon Private School and Charter College International School.

Ruimsig has access to major roads such as the N14, Hendrik Potgieter Road and the R25.

Ruimsig was in the privileged position to see the construction of the Cradlestone Mall, which will cater for every retail and entertainment need and is only a few short minutes’ drive from Ruimsig.

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