One of Rosslyn, Pretoria North’s sister towns is situated in Glasgow. The difference between the two is that Rosslyn, Pretoria North is a major industrial hub which contributes to the household income of many residents residing in the northern region of Pretoria.

The mixed property usage in the suburb is thus made up of residential property, commercial and industrial property.

Rosslyn is home to companies like Macsteel Trading, Tubecon and Venture Plastic whom manufacture a large portion of plastic consumer products like CD case covers and buckets. These are of course industrial manufacturing companies but there is also a commercial side to these companies that have to be run thus adding to the household income of Rosslyn residents.

It would then make perfect sense for many of the vast employee force to reside close to the various manufacturing plants thus creating a lucrative residential property market which is defined as lower to middle-income residential property.

The mixed property usage in Rosslyn then also caters for a large market consisting of first-time buyers, young married couples and established families.

Due to the fact that security estates have become a popular lifestyle it has spilled over to suburbs like Rosslyn adding to the buoyant property pricing levels in the suburb. This has also brought with it a more modern architecture adding more value to the general property values.

Industrial and commercial property is one of the more major contributors to the property usage and property value driving factors. Industrial property in Rosslyn is and will continue to make an impact in the region as the suburb offers easy access to major roads and highways connecting to the south of Gauteng and to the north along roads like the N4 east and west and then the N1 north and south.

For permanent residents in Rosslyn there is access to popular schools such as Rosslyn Primary School, Laerskool Akasia and Princess Park College Rosslyn.

There is also access to malls catering for retail needs such as Madelief Shopping Centre, Wonderpark Shopping Centre and Kolonnade Shopping Centre.

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