One could deduce from the typical architecture of home in the well-established tranquil suburb of Roseville in Pretoria that it is an old and loved suburb. This fact is also echoed in its location as it is in Pretoria Moot which is in general the oldest region of Pretoria.

The property usage in Roseville is mixed with freestanding homes and apartments and the property values indicate that this is a stable middle-class suburb.

One would expect a suburb as old as Roseville to have reached its ceiling in property value but this is far from the fact.

These attract a wide platform of intended home owners along with the location of the suburb which offers convenient access to the many industrial and commercial hubs around the city with industrial hubs such as Eloff Estate, Daspoort, Koedoespoort, Hermanstad and Pretoria Industrial.

The architectural timeline paints a picture of progress with the typical period homes of the 50’s up to what is current.

For renovator’s or renovator investors will find joy in hunting for that perfect period home in Roseville as many of the home still have the typical architecture with the front porches, sink roofs and interior fittings that make these period homes so desirable.

The favourable weather which caresses the suburb paints gardens as lush tapestries with large trees and green lawns and this is taken to the green tree lined sidewalks which are actually paved, seeing many people having a stroll or a jog. The favourable weather has and always will be loved by pensioners and of course, the access to most of the medical facilities goes a long way for pensioners.

Roseville residents have access to a vast number of schools with reputable track records such as Hillview High School, Laerskool Mayville, Hoerskool Tuine and Suiderberg School.

Malls catering for retail and entertainment to the suburb are Blaauw Village Shopping Complex, Wonderboom Junction Shopping Centre.

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