The town of Prieska was established around water pans in 1882. The region is well known for sheep farming which is a source of sustainability for the region. The name Prieska was derived from the Korana, “lost she-goat”.

The location of the town is idyllic as it is set at the foot of the Doringberg and the Augrabies Falls National Park which is a major tourist attraction to the region along with the Orange River which offers fishing, hiking and camping.

The town itself holds some tourist gems in the form of restored building showcasing the Cape Dutch, Colonial and Victorian architecture which dates back to the establishment of the town.

The town is like an oasis in the endless Karoo setting which paints a beautiful picture at sunrise and sunset. The Karoo is ideal for stargazing all year round due to the very low levels of light and air pollution.

This is a real tourist gem for those botanists and hikers. The Pachypodium namaquanum or “Halfmens” aloes plants that are indigenous to the region are worth a few photos. The rocky ground has a vast selection of lizards and spiders unique to the region.

Prieska is one of the last outposts before entering Namibia via the Augrabies National Park and this bodes well for tourists attempting the long journey north as it is a constant source of tourists all year round.

Many of the restored period homes have been converted to guest houses and Bed &Breakfast’s which are rated as world standard venues set in true country scenes.

Some of the heritage sites and tourist attractions in Prieska include the Karoo Gariep Conservancy, Ria Huysamen Aloe Garden, Prieska Museum, Die Bos Nature Reserve and Wonderdraai with the British fort constructed of Tiger Eye stone.

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