Porterville was first established in 1863 after Frederick John Owen, one of the original 1820 Settlers subdivided his farm and one of its subdivided farms was named Porterville. The town is situated at the foot of the Olifant’s River Mountains, 155 km from Cape Town and is secretively nestled amongst wine estates and wheat fields. Thus, wheat and wine produce are primary crops to the region.

What attracts buyers to the small country village gives it an endearing appeal, the lifestyle is typical laid back country living, tranquillity and the natural beauty that surrounds the town.

The mixed architecture in the village ranges from Victorian, Victorian Country, gracious majestic farms and wine estates, farm style cottages and some more modern architectural designs.

For the purists in the property market the village is vintage elegance and euphoric nostalgia.

Owning a weekend getaway home or retiring to the countryside is one of the most desired lifestyle changes that many city dwellers aspire to and the age groups that invest here range from younger buyers to pensioners that retire to the country. Many families are also relocating to the town with the aim of making drastic beneficial lifestyle changes and the property market offers the same investment prospects as the larger towns and cities.

As with most of the countryside, the town is surrounded by farms with rolling wheat fields interspersed with yellow Canola fields, vineyards and olive orchards which paint a mesmerising natural tapestry of colour.

The infrastructure in the town is good with schools, hospitals and other amenities which make it a self-sustaining town. The town also has access to internet coverage and other technology which means there is the option to work from this privileged remote location.

The Disa Uniflora, with the sulphur yellow Disa being the rarest, and it is the only place in South Africa where one can see fields of these flowers in nature. This is one of the many attractions and natural wonders one will find in Porterville.

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