At Plettenberg Bay you can expect to have a picture perfect holiday with fresh oysters and scrumptious seafood.

Portuguese explorers named Plettenberg Bay Bahia Formosa which means “beautiful bay” and it is exactly that.

Plettenberg Bay is an archaeological treasure trove with the Nelson Bay Cave and Matjies River Cave at Keurboom Strand. Stone Age man lived in the caves for more than 100 000 years and the ancestors of the Khoisan also inhabited that area. Stone Age implements and tools are still being excavated in these caves.

Bartholomew Dias was the first explorer to explore the finest Cape and Plettenberg Bay, as far back as 1487.

Killer whales have been spotted here from time to time. There are various viewpoints available for whale watching. One of the largest seagull breeding colonies can also be seen at Plettenberg Bay. This is only to mention some of the active wildlife you can expect to find here.

Plettenberg Bay is very definitely a holiday destination, although not as mainstream and busy as Cape Town or Port Elizabeth. The garden route is worth the visit since there are white beaches and a lagoon to frolic in.

Property will always be in demand and more so in Plettenberg Bay. The nearby George has an airport so you need not travel for many hours to reach your destination. It is by all accounts a seaside residential suburb with some of the most breath taking natural forest in the world. There are lifestyle developments to choose from or normal residential property. The price range is affordable, even by holiday property investment standards.

There is ample vacant land available with many of the developments at reasonable prices. Vacant land is a good place to start your holiday property investment since town house developments offer ample security, while rental income is good and stable.

Myroof has many suitable properties from vacant land to lifestyle development properties in Plettenberg Bay.

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