Pinelands in the southern suburbs of Cape Town is a suburb that tends towards a village like atmosphere with tranquil tree lined sidewalks, landscaped and manicured gardens which all speak of a true familial suburb.

The status of Pinelands was in small part influenced by the GrandWest Casino which was constructed in Goodwood and this had a positive influence on property values and exposure of the properties in the suburb. Pinelands is in the unique location to almost border both the southern and northern suburbs of Cape Town.

By today’s standards Pinelands is a upper-class or prestigious suburb with a mixed property usage which consists of free standing homes, apartments and some newly constructed retirement village apartments. The obvious affluence in the suburb is somewhat subdued adding a sense of mysterious appeal.

This tree rich suburb has an aesthetic appeal with a mixed architecture from classic conventional to modern and modern contemporary with some of the more “traditional” Cape Dutch architecture adding to a sense of nostalgia.

The fact that there ae new developments being undertaken and more so retirement villages is a good indication affirming the tranquil setting of the suburb and a very laid back lifestyle.

Pinelands has all the benefits and attributes along with factors which further enhance the appeal of the suburb as a residential address such as its prime location in relation to industrial and commercial hubs and the various amenities like schools, malls and entertainment venues.

The prime location is firstly highlighted by the suburbs close proximity to Epping 1 & 2 which do not detract or negatively influence property values, then access to Elsies Rivier Industrial and Maitland are just as easily accessible with no need to venture onto freeways.

Pinelands also has the benefit of commercial properties to add to the varied property usage.

Of course Pinelands also has access to reputable schools all within easy access such as Pinelands North Primary School, Pinelands High School and Pinelands Primary School.

Take a tour of the homes in Pinelands via the Myroof web-site.

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