Petersfield can claim to be the typical suburb of families. Located in the greater Springs region is of no real consequence as it is one of those suburbs that have attained its own identity. The suburb can be classified as middle to upper-class residential suburb with a mixed property usage consisting of freestanding homes, townhouses and apartments.

The age of the suburb is recorded in the architecture but there is also the indication of progress as there are a number of modern architectural homes which further enhance the appeal of the suburb as a residential address.

Manicured and tree lined sidewalk, manicured and landscaped gardens seem to be the order of the day in Petersfield which speaks of pride.

As with most other residential suburbs across the country, the political uncertainty has had a negative impact on sales and it should not be seen as an indication that a suburb like Petersfield does not offer investment growth. Foreign political sentiment is restored in the country which will see an upturn in the property market as a whole.

Being a well-established highly demanded suburb means there are a number of reputable and popular schools to choose from which are all within convenient access like Eureka High School, Strubenvale Primary School, High School Dr Johan Jurgens and Pinegrove Primary School.

The selection of malls catering for retail and entertainment to Petersfield is endless with easy access to malls like The Avenues Shopping Centre, Springsgate Shopping Centre and Mall@Carnival Shopping Centre which is also a prime entertainment venue for the whole family.

There are a number of mines making up household income surrounding the suburb and then there are of course the allied industries which also add to household income located in the industrial nodes of Enstra, Nuffield, New Era and Vulcania which can be accessed via the N17, Ermelo Road and Main Reef Road.

The commercial hubs that form part of household income are just as conveniently accessed which consist of the mines, allied industries and then further afield there are the commercial nodes Jet Park, Benoni and even Bedfordview.

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