The town of Paulpietersburg is identifiable by a flat topped hill as you enter the town, which very much looks like a Gauteng mine dump. This is however a natural hillock.

The name springs from two famous leaders in Afrikaans culture and South African history namely, President Paul Kruger and Voortrekker leader and hero General Piet Joubert.

The town was established in 1888, proclaimed in 1910 and it obtained municipal status in 1910. The town was originally part of the Transvaal Republic under leadership of President Paul Kruger.

The town’s named changed three times over the years and was first named Paulpietersrust, then Paulpietersdorp and finally Paulpietersburg back in 1896.

It is a reasonably remote town which means historical sites and memorials are almost undisturbed. The Dumbe Mountains is a favoured place for hang- and Para gliders.

The nature is breath taking and hiking, rafting and kayaking are some of the adventure tourist attractions in the quaint town.

The region and town are on the Battlefield Route through KZN which will be a worthwhile excursion for history and cultural tourists.

The game farms in the region are comparable to its larger sister reserves with most of the game contained in the reserves. This makes eco-tourism the secondary source of income to the region. Situated close to the Mkuze Nature Reserve, which is part of the St Lucia Wetlands a World Heritage Site, there are scores of tourists which travel through the town on-route to the game reserve and the upper regions of KZN.

For the avid golfers the town boasts a country club with a world class course in the picturesque setting of nature.

Dumbe Dam offers water sports and recreation for the water lovers as well as bird watching. At a mere 5 hour’s drive from Johannesburg, the region which has loads to offer tourist should be on the to-do-list during school breaks.

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