Situated neatly in the middle of Jeffrey’s Bay and Cape St Francis is the hamlet of Paradise Beach. The natural beauty of the town is something to behold as it is flanked by nature reserves and estuaries which will cater for the outdoor explores and bird watchers. The tranquillity of the town is something that residents and tourists enjoy along with the warm Indian Ocean and the long stretches of pearly white beaches.

The town is essentially a holiday resort town but there are permanent residents too which makes this a very attractive property market. This is also true for the property usage which consists of sectional title apartments and townhouses, freestanding homes and vacant stands.

The property usage does naturally determine the value of the various types of property which one could classify as middle income and then rising up to the prestigious market. There are of course apartments which cater for the prestigious market too.

There is a good balance in the architecture of homes in the town made up of classic conventional and then the modern architectural homes which means every fashion expectation will be met amongst consumers. Being a fully-fledged suburb of Jeffery’s Bay rather than a town means vacant stands are a lucrative and fairly inexpensive way to own a property in Paradise Beach.

As with any other suburb property values are driven by market forces like availability, demand and architectural styles. So there is no real right or wrong time to buy or sell in this suburb.

Of course VIEWS are an important factor for intended home owners which will naturally have a higher value then homes situated farther in to the suburb. But this too is a minor factor as there is a slight gradient behind the suburb which is still fairly under-developed which will offer spectacular views too.

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