Northcliff Hill sets the milieu for this leafy suburb that is well-established and sought after. The demand is based on various factors like proximity, schools, malls major routes and attractions the most important factor being the property value and stable growth in the northern suburbs of greater Johannesburg. The exclusivity and demand have increased with the advent of boomed streets which add to the security of these streets. South Africa is not as old as let’s say, Europe in terms of developed settlements, but when tracing human history South Africa’s age can be traced by the Khoi and San people that took up residency in places like the Northcliff Hills which pegs us at between 250 and 500 000 years old. Johannesburg is 128 years old as of 2014. Ward councillors for Northcliff have brought an application to have the Hill declared a national monument which has been declined. This has some residents up in arms as they fear indiscriminate developers will have no regard for cultural history. Northcliff will continue to expand as long as developers are willing to spend money and willing and able property owners want to invest in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. Suburbs bordering Northcliff are Emmerentia, Berario and Kaya Sands.

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