Newmark security Estate is one more in a number of security estates which has been constructed in the East of Pretoria which is an indication of the high degree of demand that has arisen for secure living. What the makes the East of Pretoria so unique?

The answer is in the stable growth in property values and of course the architecture which resonates with the younger generation and the fact that security estates are the ideal environment for children to play in safety.

The architecture and finishings are two of the more major factors in what equates to the higher property values within the estate. The other factor is of course the amenities like good schools, malls and roads which service the region.

The mixed property use in the estate ranges from freehold homes to sectional-title townhouses which by todays standards are reasonably expansive but this is due to the exclusivity and security thus in some way justifying the property values.

There are a number of vacant stands in the estate which will not be in the market for long given the rush for property and the stands are at reasonable prices making them prime property for development. The rental market in estates like Newmark is yet another viable prospect as tenants in this income group are more stable and willing to pay the rent asked for properties in the estate.

The rental market is not limited to the townhouse market and long term leases with foreign contract employees is a viable proposition to servicing a bond in the tougher economic climate.

Here is a list of some of the popular schools with a reputation for producing scholars with acumen in both sport and academic fields, Hoerskool Die Wilgers, Willowridge High School, Woodhill College and Curro Hazeldean Private School.

Take a tour of the homes and stands in Newmark Estate via the Myroof website.

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