To mention Musina or Messina and Beitbridge together paints a picture of extreme heat and rugged bushveld.

The town of Musina was established in the 1960’s but was inhabited by the tribes in the region for decades. The one major resource in the region is copper and the others, semi-precious stones, diamonds and asbestos. Although asbestos is largely outlawed throughout the world due to the huge health risks of asbestosis which presents similar to emphysema. The town is thus firmly entrenched in mining and secondly tourism.

Beitbridge is the translocation point between South Africa and Zimbabwe thus it is a main arterial route north and a stop over town top the north. This road is accepted as one of the busiest roads in the world.

Dense thorn thickets and trees are common in this bushveld region with low grasslands which are ideal habitat for wildlife of every species from lions to Meerkat.

The tourist attractions are focused on eco-tourism and nature. Here is a list of attractions in or around Musina which are more than worth a look at:

· Matakwe, the single largest bulai granite rock that is 38 hectares, on the continent

· Blouberg Nature Reserve

· Langjan Nature Reserve

· Makuya Reserve

· Maremani Nature Reserve

· Mapungubwe National Park

· Musina Nature Reserve

· Nwanedi Game Rerve

· Soutpansberg Conservancy

· Thathe Vondo Forest

· Venetia Limpop Nature Reserve

· Morning Sun Nature Reserve

For a truly unique experience, you can take the Venetia-Limpopo Nature Reserve Wild Dog Eco Tour which clients get a chance to radio track these amazing creatures.

The town of Musina is a well-established expanding town due to mining and tourism, thus property values are driven by demand.

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