The Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town is a connoisseur’s property market and has been for a very long time. Mouille Point as a suburb consists mainly of exclusive apartment buildings which are in high demand which is in part driven by the foreign investors.

Mouille Point is one of Cape Town’s prime holiday destinations due to the fact that the suburb is close to every possible tourist amenity imaginable.

Apartments come in a large variety of sizes from bachelor pads to 4 bedroom units and most offer stunning views of the blue Atlantic Ocean and the boardwalk from Mouille Point all the way to Greenpoint.

This is also the prime market for well-heeled property investors in the rental market as accommodation is a high demand factor in Cape Town all year round and with tourists seeking that exclusivity pay prime rates for this service which is in itself a good investment incentive.

Due to the exclusive lifestyle the apartments have the best services on offer bar the exclusive hotels in Cape Town like high security services, in-house amenities like fully equipped gym’s, lap pools and many have their own private pools.

Even within the current economic climate this is a highly competitive property market when looking at the median growth in property values. The opportunity to purchase a one bedroom unit should not be missed as they are perfect for young couples wanting to get away for a week or two from abroad or it can serve as a cosy holiday apartment.

Of course Mouille Point is not solely a holiday destination as many families and executive have made Mouille Point their home and all the important amenities like schools are catered for.

Here is a list of schools for families with school attending children; Ellerton Primary School, International School of Cape Town, Cape Town High School and Westerford High School.

Take a tour of the exclusive apartments in Mouille Point, Cape Town via the Myroof web-site.

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