The Mooikloof area in the east of Pretoria has steadily been increasing in popularity as property values attained a strong track record as a stable growth property market.

Mooikloof itself consists of a few estates and its own extensions which all offer something in the marketplace.

Mooikloof Ridge is one of the extensions which are highly sought after by young single people, the young startup families and the well-heeled. This is due to the various forms of property usage which consists of freehold homes, apartments and townhouses, with townhouses and apartment s making up the majority of property usage as this is the most highly sought after segment in the market at present for its affordability, its strong resale value and the reasonably low maintenance costs and levies as opposed to freehold homes.

The architecture within the sectional title market is varied and will appeal to a large market and the sizes of townhouses range from 1 bedroom units to three bedroom units and with this of course there is the increase in purchase or sales value. The rental market in the townhouse units is in exceptionally high demand and this can be attributed to the exclusivity that comes with the status of Mooikloof and then the prime location.

Freehold homes are subject to the same criteria as other estates with a minimum permissible footprint and a limited architectural design. It can be said that the architecture is more towards the contemporary style which is currently in fashion and with the architecture comes the exclusivity of high-end fittings in individual homes which adds to the overall property value of homes.

This is also a high demand market and offers opportunity for people that are currently experiencing the financial pinch to let their properties at a substantial profit to foreign contract workers.

Mooikloof Ridge offers the same standard of security as all the other estates with 24 hour manned access control, good housekeeping and well-maintained communal gardens and property.

Take a tour of the homes in Mooikloof Ridge via the Myroof web-site.

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