What is it that makes private residential and security estates so appealing? Estates have become the standard which consumers seek to attain as a way of expressing their success. It is the epitome of a free cumbersome prestigious lifestyle of affluence.

It is a trendsetting property lifestyle with an endless list of benefits. There is individuality in architecture, a heightened degree of safety and more. The region is dotted with prestigious estates which can make it difficult to choose the right address. But all is not lost; Midstream Estate has it all on offer.

The Midfields Estate in Centurion is one of many estates which command a high degree of demand. This is for the well-heeled investors that demand that perfection in their homes. It is a known fact that homes in estates have the best there is to offer in the market on interior fittings and fixtures and generally the craftsmanship money can buy is unrivaled.

The architecture in Midstream Estate is a departure from the Tuscan design that consumers are familiar with. This is modular modern architecture which is ground breaking and does appeal to a broader consumer base. It does allow for more self-expression by the owners thus further challenging the boundaries of fashion.

Midstream has gone one step further and included a retirement village in its portfolio, it is thus clear to see the success that an estate can attain by catering to a discerning market.

Midstream is of course also in a prime location, Centurion is halfway between Pretoria and Midrand which both have large commercial and industrial hubs. Then there is also the access to reputable and exclusive schools such as Midstream College, Midstream Ridge Primary School, Irene Primary School and Trinity House Heritage Hill.

The exclusive retails needs residents depend on are catered for at malls like Irene Village Mall, Centurion Lifestyle Centre and Blue Valley Mall.

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