Founded in 1864 on the farm Sterkfontein, Nasareth was eventually renamed Middelburg in 1872. The town is stooped in cultural history and some of the buildings of significant historical value have been renovated and declared monuments which mean there is a fair tourism trade in the town. The major source of income to Middelburg is agricultural, tourism and industrial sectors and of course, the major power suppliers Komati Power and Arnot which feed large parts of the powers grid into Gauteng and north.

Today Middelburg contributes to the economy which means there is development in various commercial and industrial sectors. This in turn leads to the need for housing for the entire income group.

So if Middelburg the town was established way back in the late 1800’s then one can safely deduce that it is an established town, so much so that today Middelburg has a number of suburbs from lower income housing to exclusive and prestigious housing and of late the number of estates.

The cost of property has increased along with the value of the rest of the country as the town is self-sustaining and contributing to the economy.

If property developers are investing and developing estates then one can be sure the town offers stable growth in the property market of Middelburg.

As with any other self-sustaining town Middelburg has all the major and important amenities like schools, malls, industrial and commercial hubs and entertainment venues of every conceivable nature, which make up the functioning of a town.

Schools which cater for the educational needs to the town are Middelburg Christian School, Steelcrest High School, Middelburg Combined School and Hoerskool Middelburg.

Malls which cater for retail needs and entertainment are Middelburg Mall, Wonderpark Shopping Mall and Highveld Mall.

Then of course, there is the Loskop Dam, Buffalo Gorge and Pienaarsdam which are teaming with bird life and other small mammals.

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