South West of Johannesburg is the town of Meyerton. The first appeal of the town was the surrounding nature and the Vaal River from which the suburb grew and at first the town consisted of farms and small holdings. This is still the case today but as the popularity of Meyerton grew the restrictions on property usage changed and a residential suburb began to emerge. The “Black Reef” which was a vein of gold that was discovered on a number farms along the banks of the Klip River gave rise to the town along the Klip River and are still today a source of sustainability to the region and nearby towns and subsidiary or allied industries like light/ medium engineering works. Meyerton expanded from 1891 when field cornet Johannes Petrus Meyer purchased the farm. There are at least 10 suburbs making up Meyerton today which means it is a growth market and one with a degree of demand as any other town. Today the suburb or town is extensive with a mixed property usage which consists of smaller small holdings, freehold homes, townhouses and apartments. Meyerton can be classified as a middle to upper-class suburb when taking into account the current property values.There are, of course, a number of factors which determine the demand for homes in this tranquil scenic town such as the surroundings, proximity to the industrial hubs in Vereeniging and Vanderbijlpark and relatively short distance to the South of Johannesburg.The architecture in Meyerton would of course vary from contemporary, conventional and period specific which is also part of the appeal to the town.What may seem as a reasonably remote town is in fact dispelled and there are schools which cater for educational needs such as Meyerton Secondary School, Greenacres Private High School and 3 Rivers Christian Academy.There are two sizeable malls catering for retails needs in close proximity to Meyerton namely River Square Shopping Centre and Vaalgate Centre. Take a tour of the homes in Meyerton via the Myroof web-site.

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