Just south of Johannesburg, lays the prestigious suburb of Meyersdal. Tranquil surroundings and rolling hills dotted with architectural homes paint the familial picture of this highly sought after suburb.

The relatively young age of Meyersdal is locked up in its architecture which is mostly postmodern in use and design with striking counterpoint concepts. The age of the suburb is also very much evident in the number of currently available vacant stands which are currently still reasonably affordable but as with any asset that has a high demand comes the sharp increase in value.

This then is also one of the main reasons why the suburb has attained the status as prestigious and the other being the high degree of demand which is always a determinative factor in the general value of homes in a given suburb.

With a mixed property usage there is a large variety of properties to choose from in the market within the more prestigious end which consists of freestanding homes, apartments, townhouses and full title cluster homes.

Meyersdal also has a part of its prestige found in the Meyersdal Natural Estate which has had the beneficial effect of free advertising and exposure for the slightly lower property values to perspective buyers.

Meyersdal however young it may be as a suburb has access to some reputable schools which are within easy access such as Grace Trinity School for Girls, Cosmo Private School, Impact Independent Private School and Waterstone College.

For entertainers there are some very reputable venues Rocomamas Mall of the South, The Glen Shopping Mall and Meyersdal Square.

These are of course not the only attributes which favour Meyersdal but the other is its prime location from major roads connecting to other suburbs, commercial and industrial hubs.

Alrode for example is accessed via the R59 only a few minutes’ drive away and likewise with Junction Hill and Roodekop.

Take a tour of the homes in Meyersdal via the Myroof web-site.

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