Melrose Arch is an extension of Melrose in Johannesburg.

Melrose Arch was established in the time when the gold rush of the Witwatersrand was at its peak and mine moguls searched for homes which can reflect their newfound wealth. This is common fact for suburbs like Melrose, Rosebank, and Park Town.

Thus the suburb is well-established and is highly sought after. The dominating factor driving this high demand is the exclusive properties and their attached values which are for the well heeled investors and the high income groups.

There is need for nothing in the suburb from amenities like day care centres, malls roads that are convenient and commercial hubs which sustain the money machines of Gauteng.

Surprisingly enough there is a rental market in the suburb with high yields and high demand with the benefit of stable growth in property value. The rental market will suit foreign business people in the country on long term contracts that are willing to pay prime rates for the exclusivity of a suburb like Melrose Arch.

The apartment buildings are modern and very secure with access control, CCTV security cameras and private vehicle loch-up garages. A far cry from what apartments used to be in latter years.

The freehold properties in the suburb are equally exclusive and mirror the days of mining and affluence with architecture from the era which was Victorian and Colonial. This fact attracts restoration investors also in the buy-to-let market.

Intended property owners in this market segment invest for mainly one reason which could be a reason for the property values having been driven this high from seemingly nothing.

The nightlife is the suburb is an important compliment to the package as meetings normally continue after hours.

There are schools and other important amenities that other normal suburbs have a need for too.

Here is a list of schools near Melrose Arch;

Bella Vista School

Kingsmead College

Rosebank Primary School

For retail needs residents do not need to go further than Melrose Arch but there are mall like;

The Mall at Rosebank

Sandton City

Sandton Square

Major roads connecting Melrose with other suburbs are;

Oxford Road

Glenhove Road

Melrose Street

Take a tour of the exclusive apartments in Melrose Arch via the Myroof website.

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