Richards Bay in KZN has originally been a small fishing village which expanded after it was found that the harbour had a more than viable export prospect.

This became the most important factor in the town of Richards Bay expanding to the extent that there is now a number of suburbs like Meer-En-See which lends very much to the surroundings of nature, putting aside the commercial and industrial hubs which are crucial.

Richards Bay is not entirely dependent on the harbour activities as a source of sustainable income, being reasonably close to Johannesburg means there are large volumes of road freight to and from the town creating opportunities for ancillary industries like cargo carries and of course maintenance of trucks.

Meer-En-See can be described as a middle to upper-class suburb with a few important factors like the fact that it is located at the seafront and flanked by the Mzingazi Dam which flows into the ocean making it both a tourist destination and a residential address. The property values are reasonably high but this could be attributed to the proximity of the unspoiled beaches and the idyllic setting.

The mixed property use in the suburb which comprises freehold homes, townhouses and apartments are of a mixed architecture from conventional to modern and some newly built homes of the latest fashion. This can in part be attributed to the Mzingazi Golf Estate that neighbors the suburb.

The central location of the suburb is ideal, removed from the CBD and close to the tranquility of the water’s edge and various sanctuaries surrounding the suburb.

Being a well-established suburb means all the important amenities like schools and malls are in place and nearby. Here is a list of some of the schools servicing the suburb and town Richards Bay Primary School, Richards Bay Christian School and Lizwi Secondary School.

Malls close to Meer-En-See are Boardwalk Inkwazi Shopping Centre and Meer-En-See Mall.

Take a tour of the homes in Meer-En-See via the Myroof web-site.

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